How To Break Up With Someone Nicely


Despite all your efforts to make your relationship prosper, at times the unexpected comes in. Even when we try to our best ability to meet all the needs, we always find ourselves separating. Terminating a relationship is always a challenging situation which you may go through. When the time comes when you feel you do not require your partner anymore there are various ways in which you can end your relationship nicely.

• Have a neutral location – The biggest part of terminating a relationship is the right place to do it. Do not opt to end up your relationship in someone’s home or even in your apartment. This is because in a private place you might become emotional and therefore get worried about other individuals who might be near your area. In reality, ending up in public areas is always better when compared to breaking up in private. A neutral location is very crucial as no individual would be trapped in case things get heated.

• Do it in person – Having a final talk with your partner is one of the best methods of terminating your relationship. In case you have not been in a relationship for long, or you have not been meeting on a regular basis then you might dissolve your relationship through phone or even emails. For a long-term relationship, open discussion is always the best method of breaking up.

• Be honest and clear – You opted to break up with your partner because you felt that the two of you did not match anymore. When preparing for a breakup you need to have all the reasons which contributed to this kind of resolution. Be honest and share all your desires for your break up. You need to explain these reasons verbally in a logical and calm manner. Also, have a list of all the factors and things which you are looking at if you will be trying another new relationship.

Make sure you behave normally – When in discussion table make sure that your emotions are in check. Do not look over excited about your break up. You need to be calm, considerate and kind. You should not react in any way. Bearing in mind that breakups are very nasty which is characterized by strong emotions, you are supposed to control your emotions well. It does not matter all the beautiful moments you enjoyed together a break up will always require some time to process.

• Set limits – After you have expressed your concerns about breaking up with your partner, the feelings and emotions won’t disappear at once. At times you may find yourself thinking and caring about your ex. In case you resolve to remain friends, you need to agree on some rules which would ensure that you don’t slip back to some of the old behaviors with your ex. In case you decided to go separate ways completely, you should be honest about keeping a clear distance.


Breaking up is a process, and it should not be taken for fun. Although you want to end up your relationship with your partner do it in the manner which does not cause any harm to your partner. You need to be considerate of the other individual as a person who is also a human being. Every individual has feelings and emotions and therefore make sure you do not hurt each other. Always put yourself in the other party’s positions and think of how you would like to be broken up with.